Friday, January 25, 2013

On Market Street...

Snow falling, twirling, floating through thin frigid air
A couple holding on tight to one another
Clinging to what they were and what they'll never be again
Willing away the icy fingers of despair

But with quiet force it came

Darkness steals in like a masked intruder
The couple does not notice the passing of time
They cannot sense it or the coldness of their fingertips
So hollow they are from what's been torn asunder

Their love so badly maimed

This was not their Autumn of discontent
This was the Winter of their demise
She had not set out to wrench the joy
From their Summer of merriment

Yet she had all the same

She had been unaware of his steadfastly held vision
She did not know the character he meant for her to be
She did not know the role to which she was cast
So was the source of their fission

She held all the blame